Medical Billing

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Let’s face it, medical billing is confusing, complicated, and always changing. With SW Medical Billing Services, you have a dedicated team whose full-time job is to stay up to date on the latest requirements and do everything it takes to get you paid. We troubleshoot the rules and bureaucracy of insurance companies, and take the time to explain bills to your patients. With our best practices at work for your business, you collect more at a lower cost and get paid faster.

With SW Medical Billing Services, you have a partner for the long term. Business needs change, which is why we’ve designed our solutions to give you the flexibility you need — no hassles, no headaches. After all, we work for you. We want you to be a customer for life. That means if you need to change the way you work with us, we’re happy to accommodate.

We offer a unique combination of proven experience and a powerful technology platform that has helped many practices just like yours succeed. After all, when your cash flow improves, it’s much easier to stay focused on what’s most important—your patients.

Better Technology Built-In

As SW Medical Billing Services, you automatically get our unique free Practice Management for your front-office needs, as well as our free, full-featured EHR to support your clinical side. That means all of your systems are always connected. You can intuitively tackle administrative tasks, avoid printing, faxing and FedEx’ing billing information, and send codes and claims directly from your EHR to our billing team for processing. And all of these efficiencies add up. Also, if you have an efficient EHR system, we will calibrate it with our billing system so your practice runs smoothly and accurately without wasting paper.

Experts That Understand Small Practice

With SW Medical Billing Services, you have years of experience and small practice expertise supporting your business. We’ve built our Billing Services on a proven technology platform and the know-how that comes from having served many small practice doctors. In today’s changing healthcare industry, having those best practices as your foundation delivers real value. Plus, with us, you have the flexibility and freedom to run your business your way. If that means taking billing back in-house at any time, we make it easy. It’s all part of our complete commitment to helping you succeed.

Request your free consultation to see our processes in action, to decide if we are the right fit for you!

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